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Androstenone Pheromones Review

Androstenone Pheromones Review

Androstenone Pheromones Review Review: Androstenone is a sexual hormone that is now being marketed to help men attract the fairer sex. Advertisements for the oil based cologne state that men wearing Androstenone will be able to attract more women than those that do not. The product can be dabbed on and has a shelf life of at least 4 hours though some men report the scent lasting for 8 or more hours. About: In the human body, Androstenone is a potent steroid that can naturally be found in sweat and is believed to be a sexual pheromone.

Sexual pheromones are scents that have the ability to stimulate interest and desire in the opposite sex on a subliminal level. Androstenone is touted by its sellers as the most potent and effective pheromones on the market. However, trails by actual male users and praca stolarz szwecja women exposed to the scent seem to have a differing opinion. Effectiveness: To test out the product, we decided to do our own small 2 week study, using 10 male volunteers.

Males ranged in age from an 18 year old high school student to a 60 year old guy. Guys were told to put on the scent every morning before going out to socialize with females and gazeta pomorska inowrocław anonse prosięta podkarpackie if they went out again at night to dab a little more of the cologne on. Androstenone was worn to bookshops, libraries, coffeehouses, clubs, bars, sports games, theaters, malls and oddam silnik elektryczny more! The response? Very underwhelming, most guys reported no change in attraction among women they met or approached.

A few reported women being turned off and telling them their cologne stunk. Ease of Use: Androstenone is packaged in a small bottle and the product is oil based. This makes it easy to dab a little of the product on to wrists, neck and behind the ears. However, in Androstenone the oil can be greasy making the bottle slippery. Because of the nature of oil, users also constantly have to worry about the product staining their clothing.

Positives: • Androstenone is reasonably priced, can be shipped directly to your home and features a 30 day refund policy. Negatives: • The exact structure of Androstenone differs based on manufacturer; many of these products contain low quality ingredients and are mainly made up of fragrances and other additives. • Many men and women exposed to the product have complained about the smell. When mixed with sweat or if dabbing on to much the products already overpowering musky scent takes on a smell similar to urine.

• Androstenone is sold in concentrated form. Though the product claims you can mix it with your favorite cologne, the unpleasant smell of Androstenone makes this an unattractive option. • The product will not treat Erectile Dysfunction or any other problems with male sexual arousal or desire. Final Verdict: The actual pheromone in the human body Androstenone does look promising. However, manufacturers of Androstenone oil based pheromones are using synthetic cheap ingredients that are disappointing and just don’t work.

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