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blended food recipes for stroke patients

blended food recipes for stroke patients

cerebrovascular disease present It is a very common disease in the elderly. Stroke, or we call it paresis, paralysis or medical term called STROKE, which stroke is high intensity although not dead But it will cause disabilities in the long term. May require the help of others throughout life.

Stroke is divided into two main groups:

Group 1 was ischemic stroke, in which brain cells and other tissue cells are acutely deprived of blood. This may be caused by changes in the walls of blood vessels. such as fat and platelets clinging to the vascular wall or creating an abnormal layer of the vascular wall thickens the walls of blood vessels and lose flexibility cause constriction Or blockage of blood vessels may also be caused by blood clots that come from other places, such as blood clots from the heart. or from the carotid artery in the neck that comes off and clogs the blood vessels in the brain, etc. The patient will have symptoms of numbness, weakness of one side of the limb, distorted mouth, slurred speech, which often have symptoms after waking up. or while doing activities Patients may experience increased weakness and drowsiness within 3 -5 days after symptoms due to cerebral edema.

The second group is hemorrhagic stroke, which is less common than ischemic stroke. But more severe, which can be divided into two types: (1) intracerebral hemorrhage (Intracerebral hemorrhage), which will find the appearance of blood clots in the brain (2) bleeding under the meninges (Subarachnoid hemorrhage) patients will have swelling of the brain tissue. and presses on other parts of the brain

Causes of cerebrovascular accidents May be caused by high blood pressure Cerebral aneurysms, etc., often have a headache immediately. Vomiting, limb weakness or numbness, slurred speech, crooked mouth, อาหารทางสายยาง (Click on convulsions, or loss of consciousness.

Therefore, if someone is suffering from a stroke It can also affect the mind, causing symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, depression and discouragement. But the patient may have a high mortality disability. And it is also a burden to caregivers or family as well.

Therefore, preventing this disease is the best way to look at it. How should we take care of ourselves and the family of patients to prevent this disease? And this stroke is also related to other diseases, and it is important to find out how the disease will affect it. with cerebrovascular disease as well, including

1. high blood pressure Refers to blood pressure greater than 140/90 mmHg.

2. Diabetes. Controlled blood sugar levels less than 100 milligrams per cent.

hyperlipidemia will pose an increased risk of stroke

method of practice When we know it’s a stroke

Reduce the consumption of fried, high-fat foods.

lose weight

exercise regularly

add daily activities

no smoking

Avoid alcohol, liquor, beer

Reduce obesity because obesity is a risk for heart disease. and cerebrovascular disease

For patients with problems unable to eat, chew or swallow oral, but the gastrointestinal tract serves to digest and absorb food well. Patients should be given food through the line, which is a liquid without residues. can pass through the hose into the body without interruption which consists of 5 main food groups according to nutrition and have sufficient nutritional value to meet the needs of each patient, especially carbohydrates, proteins and fats, etc.

Blenderized Formula

This recipe uses ingredients from five food groups, where each food group is cooked and blended together, filtering out the pulp, which includes meat, vegetables, sugar and fat.

Food must be arranged in the following proportions:

20 percent protein

30 percent fat

50 percent carbohydrates

Type of meat that should be used, such as chicken breast, pork, fish, choose only one

Vegetables such as Chinese cabbage leaves, gourd leaves, spinach leaves, pumpkins, carrots, etc.

If the patient has mucus in the throat Or lungs to suck all the phlegm before every time to give food. to prevent coughing and choking on food

via SN healthy food I see that this article will benefit the patients and their caregivers as well, especially if everyone has lived their lives properly. will be able to protect or reduce the risk of stroke to stay healthy and live longer.

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