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How to Find a Good Location Condo in Bangkok

How to Find a Good Location Condo in Bangkok

The location of your condo is crucial when choosing it. It should be within a good distance from the airport, the business district, and international schools. It should also have a good view of the river and avoid traffic jams. You should also check out the amenities nearby. In Bangkok, there are many choices when it comes to location.

Business area

Bangkok is a fast-growing city with many neighborhoods. There are several categories of neighborhoods, including the central business district, suburban area, and the business area. Regardless of what type of neighborhood you prefer, it’s essential to find a condominium in a good location. Here are some tips to find a condominium in a great location.

First, look for a condo near a BTS station. Many new condos in Bangkok are located near BTS stations, which means you’ll have access to a variety of transportation options. You’ll have easy access to the BTS Skytrain, local restaurants, and grocery stores.

Next, choose a building in a business district. A business district is a prime location for a condominium. The location is convenient for many types of businesses, including offices and warehouses. A good area for a business district is one that is close to the subway. The BTS is the central transportation hub of Bangkok, so it’s worth considering a building that is close to a Metro station.

The price of a business district condo in Bangkok will depend on its proximity to a business district. Depending on the location, you could get a high rental yield. You could earn up to ten percent of your total revenue from short-term rentals. In the long run, these properties will likely be a profitable investment.

Central area

In recent years, the condo market in Bangkok has thrived, and prices have increased by multiples. The most impressive increases have been in central areas, especially properties near BTS lines. Luxury properties are especially prevalent in areas like Phrom Phong and Asoke. Due to this, developers are increasingly seeking land plots near-new BTS lines. CBRE predicts that properties located within 10 minutes of a Metro line will have the highest price appreciation over the next five years.

When searching for a condo in Bangkok, it is important to consider several factors, including location, facilities, and budget. There are various types of room types available, ranging from studio units to one or two bedrooms. Some have a balcony or a sliding glass door in the bathroom.

Choosing a centrally located condo can make all the difference in rental yields. Most new condominiums are located near BTS stations, which means you can benefit from higher rental yields and occupancy rates. The ideal location will increase the quality of tenants, which will improve rental income and make the condo easier to sell later. As with any real estate purchase, it is a good idea to find a local partner to help you navigate the local condo market. These partners have extensive experience and knowledge in the market.

There are many websites that list condominiums for sale in Bangkok, grouped by areas, and price ranges. These websites can help you find the right condo for your needs. Once you have found the one you like, you can contact a real estate agent or a representative from the condo developer. Another popular website for expats is Property Scout, which provides information on new condos and their prices.


If you’re considering buying a condominium in Bangkok, you’ll want to find a location that’s close to the city’s attractions. The good news is that there are several excellent locations within the city. These include neighborhoods like On Nut, which is popular with expatriates and is a good place to live for under a hundred thousand THB per month. This suburb also offers many local amenities, including a supermarket, restaurants, and co-working spaces.

Whether you want to live in the city center or a quieter suburb, there are plenty of options in Bangkok. Many older condos have beautiful views, and some of them even feature top-of-the-range amenities. Riverside condominiums, for example, are located in Sukhumvit 21, Rama II, Charoennakorn, and Lat Phrao.

If you’re new to Bangkok, it’s a good idea to work with a housing specialist who can provide information on good-quality condos and serviced apartments. They maintain an updated database of properties in the metro region. A housing specialist will be able to advise you on which areas are best for your needs and budget.

Condominiums in Bangkok often have a building management team to take care of maintenance. Typically, a CAM Fee is charged to owners each year, which includes building insurance and other costs. Owners also have to pay their own utility bills. Typically, the air-conditioning units require maintenance twice a year. In addition, landlords must file annual tax returns and declare the rental income.

Rural area

In Thailand, choosing a good location for a condo is crucial to a successful property purchase. There are several factors to consider in selecting a good location for a condo. Firstly, make sure the location is accessible by road or public transportation. For example, an apartment in Thonglor may be better than one in Udom Suk, which has no road access and is located in a rural area.

Bangkok has several urban development projects underway, including a new BTS Skytrain system, an MRT train, and a monorail. The Bang Sue Central Station is set to become Southeast Asia’s largest railway station, connecting all mass transportation options. While most of these projects will not be completed until 2023, some may be operational as early as 2022, which will help to boost the condo market even further.

When purchasing a condominium, check for construction defects. It is common for condos to have construction problems within the first five years after completion. These issues can range from leaking plumbing to cheap flooring. If you are not sure of the quality of a particular condominium, you can ask other residents for feedback. You can also consult with legal agencies, who can provide you with advice on the purchase of a property.

The good news is that Thailand is no longer as over-supplied as it was a few decades ago. That has led to skyrocketing prices for condominiums. Moreover, the government has become less involved in the property development process, which has spurred the real estate investment market. This has resulted in a booming real estate market and an increase in the number of developers.


A good location condo in Bangkok Riverside will not only give you a great view of the river but also provide you with all the amenities you need. The units come with fully-equipped kitchens, DVD players, and safes. There are also a pool and a fitness center. Some units also have private balconies.

The Riverside district is a peaceful neighborhood that is well connected to the city center. There are several luxury condominiums for sale in the area. These are often surrounded by green spaces and have easy access to public transportation. Purchasing a condo in this location will make your life more convenient. However, you may need to consider the price tag.

There are many sites online that list condos for sale in Bangkok. You can search by price, area, and features. Some of these websites will allow you to contact a real estate agent or developer representative to get more information. Some condos even offer services such as a gym and a library. Others have rooftop gardens and game rooms. Some also have cinemas and sky lounges.


While Bangkok condos are generally more expensive than their counterparts in other parts of Thailand, there are still good deals to be had if you know where to look. While the market is highly competitive, it is possible to get an excellent bargain in a good location and with excellent facilities. Below market price calculations are based on previous transaction data and neighborhood details.

In addition to location, prices vary according to size and amenities. Generally, a newly-built condominium will cost 90,000 baht per square meter while super-luxury units can be twice as expensive. The price will also depend on whether the condo is in a prime location or a suburban district. You can also expect to pay more for amenities, especially if they are located in a high-demand area.

In the past few years, the Bangkok condo market has been booming. The price of properties in prime locations have risen several-fold. In fact, properties located on the new BTS lines have experienced the highest price increases. The central areas of Bangkok are becoming over-populated, which is a factor in increasing prices. Consequently, developers are looking to develop new land plots near Metro lines and BTS stations.

While Bangkok’s central areas are becoming more expensive, these districts remain attractive for people who want to enjoy a city lifestyle with an abundance of amenities. For instance, a newly-featured condominium near the BTS station can start from THB 140,000 – THB 200k per square meter. This area is becoming popular with foreigners, and there are a number of listing websites and real estate agencies dedicated to foreigners seeking property. These websites are great resources for finding new condos in Bangkok.

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