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Paid Online Survey Jobs Sectors And Websites in India

Paid Online Survey Jobs Sectors And Websites in India

The following industries in India provide online survey jobs:

marketing companies

There are numerous marketing and advertising companies that provide jobs for internet surveys.Marketers typically concentrate on customers and products. Therefore, the surveys typically relate to the product's pre-production phase. Additionally, it offers a variety of information that is crucial for maintaining profitability and competitiveness.

consumer conduct

Every company that sells goods to consumers focuses primarily on how consumers act in respect to its products.

The market is ruled by the consumer. Any company's performance in the market determines whether or not it will succeed. The future of the company is decided by the clientele. Data about consumer expectations, customer experiences, product performance, customer feedback, etc., are so necessary.

This information can be gathered by conducting a survey among current and future clients. As a result, the consumer sector offers employment chances in online surveys. You may help the product's maker and sellers out by sharing your experience, information, and expertise with them.

industry of travel and tourism

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the travel and tourist sector is currently growing at an extremely low rate that is virtually negative. But no time soon is anticipated for this industry to expand once more.

Therefore, it is anticipated that survey-related employment in this sector will grow. It is an excellent part-time job for you if you enjoy travelling and are knowledgeable about it. These online questionnaires allow for the questioning of information regarding locations, commutes, accommodations, new locations, etc.

A travel enthusiast can therefore make a nice living by completing such internet surveys. Being involved in the burgeoning travel business can lead to successful financial outcomes.


The demand for lifestyle goods has expanded as the middle class portion of society has grown. All manufacturers of lifestyle-related goods need to know about the shifting consumer needs.The more developed countries have a significant influence on lifestyle products.

The market's global integration has significantly altered people's lives. Employment growth results in higher incomes, which raise living standards. These market circumstances are what lead to online survey work in the lifestyle products sector.

Reviews on social media

One of the best sources of knowledge today is social media. A large number of people use one or more social networking sites. It significantly affects how people live their lives. As a result, it serves as a platform for conducting online surveys on a range of subjects or issues.

There are numerous businesses using social media channels to conduct online surveys. By responding to and promoting such surveys, you can make good money. Here, you can get money by participating in and requiring others to participate in a poll or survey created by a company.

Top 7 Online Survey Websites for Free Surveys to Make Money in India

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of online survey work, let's look at the top 7 paid survey websites in India.

1. ValuedOpinions

It is an online site where people can quickly make money by doing surveys, critiquing advertisements, or trying out test products.With over 3 million users, it's undoubtedly one of the top websites for earning money through online surveys. Users can use their rewards at numerous well-known retailers, like Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

2. Toluna

You can participate in a variety of surveys on the Toluna platform and earn incentives.

Toluna Influencers are compensated in the form of points, which can be exchanged for money, gift cards, entries into contests, or other benefits. Rewards on Toluna can also be earned by playing games, watching videos, and interacting with other users in the community.

This makes the platform accessible to everyone and one of the greatest places to take online surveys for money.

3. IPanelOnline

This website, which is unquestionably among the finest for earning money from online surveys, operates very simply.iPanel Online, a reputable online sample collection company for market research, offers its users the possibility to win rewards by only participating in their activities. There are specific panels for various countries.

4. Life Points

There are more than 5000 residents in this sizable neighbourhood.

It consists of the participant from all across the world. LifePoint is a leading business in the market research industry. It conducted online polls of numerous well-known brands that had just introduced novel items. In India, it provides a free subscription. So it's a location where you may make money without investing any money by sharing your skills.

You must complete your profile before you can start earning points by completing surveys. These points are exchanged for money and transferred via internet platforms. Thus, Life Points is one of the most suggested websites for earning money from online surveys.


If you want to earn free gift cards by carrying out online tasks you already do, you might want to consider registering with Swagbucks. You may gain points on the site by viewing movies, doing web searches, answering surveys, and discovering amazing deals.You can purchase gift cards from well-known retailers like Amazon and Walmart using those points, or you can even use PayPal to receive cash back. It is unquestionably among the greatest sites for earning money through online surveys.

6. YouGov

One of the best-paying online survey providers in India is YouGov.

This portal offers a wide range of industry surveys. It is not concentrated on the particular domain. Online polls click here are mostly focused on topics like politics, sports, policy, TV, shopping, etc. It's advantageous since you may provide answers from a variety of perspectives and get paid well for it.

Points are awarded on MyGov India as well after completing a certain online survey. The points can then be exchanged for cash. Payments are made through websites like Paytm, etc. It is among the best ways to get money in India through internet surveys.


This polling website mostly concentrates on drama, sports, and other related television programmes. A sizable panel of people from all around India make up Tellypulse. It mostly comprises of a survey of broadcasting that has been seen on star channels.

Usually, it takes place on Hotstar and the Star Sports networks. You can maintain your TV addiction and still make very excellent money. These points can also be redeemed on online stores. Thus, it is among the greatest online surveys for making money.

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