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What Is Orthodontics? Why Should You Have Braces?

What Is Orthodontics? Why Should You Have Braces?

What is orthodontics and what is it for?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry. to diagnose, prevent and treat disorders of teeth alignment and occlusal problems, including problems of abnormalities in the size and relationship of the jaws to the face

Orthodontics is a treatment for better occlusal teeth. for efficient chewing as well as reducing the risk of tooth decay or gum disease due to difficulty in cleaning teeth and gums in the area where the teeth are aligned abnormally Avoiding abnormal tooth wear from improper alignment or occlusal occlusal teeth may also promote personality by having beautiful aligned teeth.

Who is an orthodontist?

Dentist who provides orthodontic treatment (Orthodontist) is a dentist who has been educated to specialize in orthodontics. from a state university with a course of at least 2 years to provide knowledge and ability to diagnose, prevent and treat occlusal disorders by a dentist who provides orthodontic treatment Must be a member of the Association of Orthodontists of Thailand You can check the list of orthodontists here. of Orthodontists which orthodontic treatment Should choose to treat with a specialist dentist as mentioned above.

Practices during orthodontics

– Avoid chewing solid food. Sticky and crunchy things, such as chewing on ice cubes, squid, nuts, candy, taffy, and gum, as these can loosen your braces.

– Eating fruits and vegetables should be cut into small pieces. and chewing with molar teeth behind Should choose to eat soft food

– In the early stages of orthodontics, teeth often hurt and there may be ulcers in the mouth. which the symptoms will gradually subside in the 2nd week, reducing irritation by applying ointments received from the dentist to cover the area Sharp and drinking plenty of water will make the wound heal faster

– If there is a small wire bent to pierce the lips or cheeks Use a blunt object such as a pencil eraser to wipe alcohol. Press the end of the wire or visit a dentist to cut off the tip of the wire

– Brush your teeth after every meal. to reduce the incidence of tooth decay during orthodontic treatment

– During orthodontic treatment, you should see a dentist for scaling. Clean teeth and check for cavities every 6 months.

Orthodontics can fix problems with bad teeth, protruding front teeth, stacked teeth, crooked teeth, insecure smile, unable to bite your teeth. At present, orthodontic treatments are available at quite a variety of prices. Can choose the type of tools as appropriate according to the life style of each person, such as ceramic orthodontics metal braces Damon braces (damon) or invisalign clear braces.

Orthodontics is a branch of cosmetic dentistry. Diagnose and plan for prevention and treatment of malocclusion, occlusal, and jaw-related problems that are necessary in relation to the face. It is a treatment to have better occlusal teeth. Efficient chewing of food Reduce risk factors for tooth decay or gum disease due to misaligned teeth. and avoiding tooth wear from aligning teeth or improper occlusal

1 year agoAnother important point is equally important. Orthodontics can also help boost your confidence in your smile. enhance personality from having beautiful arranged teeth which orthodontics need to be done by a specialized dentist in specialized dental clinics Or only a standard hospital to take care of our teeth to be beautiful and safe.

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