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Tube Feeding

Tube Feeding

What is tube feeding?

Tube feeding means food that is liquid. The liquid can be fed through a tube directly into the stomach. For those who are unable to eat on their own or have difficulty swallowing. But the digestive system and absorption of food are still functioning and there is no obstruction of the distal gastrointestinal tract.

Who should be feeding through the tube?

Tube feeding is suitable for patients with swallowing problems. esophageal injury Patients requiring tracheal intubation Young children who do not suckle well. premature baby Patients who have been unconscious for a long time, such as patients with stroke, shock, liver failure, renal failure, patients with psychiatric disorders such as (anorexia nervosa), or patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy or radiation, etc. To provide patients with sufficient food, water and medicine to meet the needs of the body. by calculating the proportion, quantity to suit the patient and correct with the patient’s disease The formula will be designed by a nutritionist. Tube feeding is not suitable for patients who have problems with the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Patients with intestinal obstruction Patients with low platelets and patients with vomit and diarrhea

There are 3 formulas in the rubber hose diet as follows:

Mixed milk formula ( Milk based formula)

This recipe takes a little time. Suitable for pediatric patients with milk and milk products as important components. And there may be other foods added to get enough energy and nutrients, such as eggs, cream, sugar, vegetable oils, fruit juices, etc.

Blenderized formula

Suitable for patients allergic to cow’s milk. Can adjust the ingredients of the food by providing complete nutrients according to the needs of the body Contains the right macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Select raw materials from each food group. Cooked and blended together.

Instant formula ( Commercial formula)

This type of tube food is a food that has been specially formulated for food. which is a medical food product There are many formulas to choose from according to the suitability of the patient. Available in both powder and liquid form, SN places great emphasis on safety and suitability. In order for patients to have confidence in using food blends, each recipe will detail the number of calories. per the specified amount of food

Tube feeding form

Nasogastric tube feeding

Nasal tube feeding involves feeding through a tube from the nose to the stomach. For patients with oral feeding difficulties but can be digested and absorbed into the body which is the most used feeding method

Orogastric Tube feeding

is feeding through the mouth through the esophagus into the stomach It is mostly used for pediatric patients. or low birth weight newborns Since babies’ nostrils are very small and thin, inserting a feeding tube through the nostrils may cause trauma to the nasal mucosa and make it difficult for the child to breathe.

Gastrostomy tube feeding

It is a feeding line that penetrates through the abdomen into the stomach. in patients who are unable to insert a catheter through the esophagus due to obstruction of the esophagus or partially removed the stomach including in patients requiring late feeding for a long time

SN rubber food production process It complies with the standards and formulas prescribed by the doctor. Determine the amount of food, energy, number of meals, adjust the recipe for specific diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease. All production processes are done in a sterile room. Raw materials for production are clean and meet nutritional standards. Get all 5 food groups. The production process is supervised by a nutritionist. that calculates the proportion of food that the patient will receive per meal each day which the specialty of SN’s rubber band food is Can be stored for up to 24 hours No preservatives added, clean and safe, there will be a patient’s food allergy history check every time.

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